News Headlines
Thu. Nov 7th 2019
Trunk or Treat was a HUGE success! We had more kiddos in great costumes than ever. Thank you to everyone who was able to be flexible with our make-up date!
Mon. Nov 4th 2019
Press release
Tue. Oct 1st 2019
In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Wellfleet Fire personnel are wearing pink to honor all who have been affected by this terrible disease.
Fri. Sep 13th 2019
WFD Awarded SAFER Grant.
Sat. Aug 3rd 2019
Press release for motorcycle vs car crash at the Wellfleet Drive-In.
Group Roster
All groups work a one day on, two day off, one day on, four day off rotating schedule.

Career members are on duty at the station from 8 am to 8 am seven days per week

Group Call members are on call from home from 6 pm to 7 am.


Firefighter / EMT Richard Pauley, Jr.

Group 1
Lieutenant / Paramedic Mary Lou Wood
Firefighter / Paramedic Justin Kinshaw
Firefighter / EMT Kristian Heyliger

Group 2
Acting Lieutenant / Paramedic Allison Gray
Firefighter / Paramedic Matt Burns
Firefighter / EMT Sam McGough
Call Lieutenant / EMT William Grozier

Group 3
Lieutenant / Paramedic Curtis Gelatt
Firefighter / Paramedic Gary Doolittle 

Call Firefighter / EMT Theresa Townsend
Call EMT Paul O'Neil

Group 4
Lieutenant / Paramedic Shawn Clark
Firefighter / Paramedic Holly Kuhn 
Firefighter / Paramedic Benjamin A Bartolini II
Day Shift
Captain / Paramedic Joseph Cappello Jr
Firefighter / EMT Joshua Wagner
Call EMT Wendy Cox
Call EMT Erica Powell





FF/EMT Townsend serves as the department's career administrative assistant as well as being a call member.


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